Internet Marketing & SEO for Autism Charities

Many businesses have a website but not all of them are maximizing the potential, especially when it comes to attracting paying customers that will ultimately convert into repeat business. The world of technology is moving fast and it can be somewhat difficult to keep up with the pace. Often times a profitable company that is looking to increase its revenue stream will contact a search engine optimization consultant to assist with their online presence and social media strategy.

an SEO consultant speaking with a businessFor example, if we are trying to make people aware of a new charity that will benefit the search for an autism cure, then it is best that we do whatever we can to reach people online. Nearly every smart phone or mobile device is capable of Google and voice search, so it is highly beneficial to be at the forefront of this emerging technology. Even YouTube videos can be very helpful in reaching a wide audience, especially if they are tagged correctly or provide the proper information or direction for someone to follow in order to take a specific action. For example, if you are trying to encourage visitors to donate money to your autism fund, then directing them to the proper landing page will make a big difference into whether or not they follow through and convert.

Paid advertising can be a tricky businesess, so the best possible scenario is to simply rank naturally in the organic results. We always bring in an SEO expert to help us understand how to setup the properly optimized campaigns. It can be quite difficult to try and understand online marketing without years of experience testing and data collection. On site optimization as well as conversion are enormously important factors that are worth testing over and over again. The average business or charity doesn’t have the time to carry out the amount of research that would be needed to setup an effective campaign.

We also encourage people to blog about their expertise on a certain subject. Simply creating content around current events allows the causal visitor to potential act on a call to action simply because they believe that you are a trusted source or authority on the subject. Selecting the proper keywords or phrases that people use in search, especially on phones and tablets can help you succeed tremendously over time. The strategy should be long term and should never attempt to gain quick-wins or try to game the system by using a get-rich-quick scheme.

At the end of the day, knowing how to operate a business successfully will include some level of marketing. Whether you do it old school through the local newspaper or try and create a massive presence with your website and social media profiles, hiring a consultant is often very effective and allows you to learn a thing or two about attracting customers. Over time, that person might prove to be a very useful partner that can also help you many other endeavors. Make sure your website is mobile friendly! 

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