Are Goji Berries Good for Dieting?

If there is one thing about women – we love to lose weight. I wish I could each so much like men often can, but it just isn’t possible without blowing up like a balloon, LOL! However recently I have been seeing advertisements for goji berries, a healthy superfood that is supposed to help you lose weight and get much needed nutrients.

From what I understand goji berries come from China or something, but they have been used for thousands of years so it must mean that there is something to eating them. It is said that they not only help you lose weight but can help improve mental clarity, athletic skills, sleep habits, and overall happiness. After being fairly stressed out from school and work, I figured what the heck. I mean, we party enough and often have poor eating habits so at some point we need to implement something into our diet that is a bit better for our bodies.

I had a bit of a concern when I discovered that they are also called “wolfberries.” Weird, right? Sounds like something evil or bad for you. But I decided to get past the name and go for it, because one other thing I learned was that they can help improve your vision drastically. Now I have heard that for years about carrots, and most people think the jury is still out on that one, but who knows. They are also full of anti-oxidants and almost every superfood out there seems to have the same power behind them.

goji berry health benefits

It seems like most people consume goji berries in dry form or through a capsule of some kind. I do see some recipes here and there that look incredibly tasty, such as milkshakes, oatmeal, and even cupcakes. Cupcakes might be counterintuitive to the whole diet thing, though! But I digress…

It took a bit of research but Mary and I decided to go for it. We found some popular brands and while abroad in Brazil we met a personal trainer who recommended a great site to buy them. Online ordering these days is tremendous so we took advantage of that, instead of milling about looking through various stores. Our trainer recommended goji berry capsulas from a well-known provider. We took the dive and are now full blown fans.

If you are skeptical of giving this a try, I don’t blame you. But here and there you need to make a commitment and stick to it. In our case, a few goji berry shakes here and there were definitely on the menu for quite some time! I think my main goal for the year will be to try and give up ice cream while focusing more on eating superfoods that will help me stay consistent. I’ll get the proper nutrients, possibly increase my mental clarity, and overall just live a better life. I hope this information was helpful to you – now get out there and start your dieting challenge! Come back and tell us how you make out.

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