headhunters and staffing agencies

Stuck Looking for a Job? Contact an Experienced Headhunter

When the economy takes a downturn like it has in recent years, many people are laid off, which can be a painful time to rebound from. I personally have had it happen twice in my career now, which is part of the reason I started blogging in the first place (to try and make some money on the side)!

One of the things that helped me immensely was reaching out to a local staffing company to see if there were any potential jobs I could fill, as I have a wide range of skills, particularly with writing. A lot of companies now a days can benefit from someone that has a strong background in communication or writing. Sloppy emails or company blogs can make your group look very unprofessional and will generally reflect poorly on your overall brand.

headhunters and staffing agencies

I was determined to reach out to as many headhunters as I possibly could in order to maximize the chances that I would be hired within a few weeks to a few months. Tech jobs are in demand these days, but unfortunately I am not the best coder in the world so it’s hard for me to compete there! I wish I learned .net or meteor js as these positions can be filled almost immediately if you have the right background and experience level.

So after doing a quick search online, I found a wonderful company that was able to help me out. The company is called Kane Partners and they do a fantastic job placing candidates quickly and easy if you are looking for a job on the east coast. Maintaining a steady income is critical to me, and despite the fact that I have no children I do have debt that has accrued from student loans and other much needed expenses.

Picking your career can be tough, but always know that many companies need strong writers or employees who have great communication skills. Sending out emails, communicating on Skype, or simply organizing information as a project manager can all benefit from this ability. Headhunters know the exact need that a particular business may be looking for, which makes them ideal for tracking down that perfect employer that needs you. Because they are constantly approached by businesses, they are able to build up a reputation for permanent placement. Contact a headhunter in Philadelphia PA if you need help jump starting your career.

Temporary placement is also an option, but sometimes you might only land a 3-month gig, and are right back into the unemployment pool. Many staffing companies also offer this as a separate service, so be sure to find out as much as you can. Take advantage of the career help that staffing agencies can provide. It is a win-win for everyone and allows you to continue your career, even if it is something that you did not go to school for. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter – smart people that work hard will succeed – why not you? Call friends or family members that might be connected to a local headhunter to get your foot in the door quickly. You could be on your feet and working again within a few weeks if the market is ripe!