Has the Winter Snow Affected Your Home?

Roofing Experts in Philadelphia Warn of Heavy Snow

The winter has been particularly difficult this year for those of us living on the east coast of the United States. Boston and the New England area overall have really caught the brunt of the storms, which have led to massive traffic problems and the inability to get to work safely. Philadelphia has been somewhat lucky as the snow has not been overly excessive, even though it has been bitter cold.

One group of people that are no doubt OK with the current weather are the local home repair experts such as Weather-Tite Roofing Co. Even though temperatures can dive into the low teens, many contractors are incredibly busy responding to emergencies as a result of the harsh weather patterns. Families that have not kept up with their overall home maintenance are no doubt reeling from the heavy load that snow can bring. Your home’s siding or roofing in particular can suffer immense damage from the weather, and without the proper precaution you could end up footing a rather large home repair bill. To reach an expert or learn more visit the Weather-Tite Roofing Co Yelp Page.

Trees can collapse and power lines can go out for hours at a time. If your home happens to be right next to a large tree that is under strain from the frozen snow and ice, you may want to prepare for the worst. Some families have simply chosen to avoid this scenario altogether by having large trees around their house removed, especially if they have gotten old or if the trunk is beginning to rot.  It might be time to have this discussion with your significant other if you feel that some trees are causing a threat to your roof or the siding of your house.

Since the weather is unpredictable, there is no easy way to avoid a disaster other than to simply preempt the situation by doing the necessary work during the summer or fall months, say local roofing contractors. If you have a large tree next to your house, there is always the slight chance that it will one day fall. If a tree is removed, then that chance becomes zero. If you have been the unlucky victim of a freak storm that damaged your home, contact an expert such as a local roofing contractor in Northeast Philadelphia today.